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The financial market craziness makes me wish we were back to relatively harmless presidential politics. Someone sent me this story about a honey-stealing bear just before McCain told his overused bear boondoggle story on Friday.

Here’s some consolation political humor and some cute.


Stimulus Package

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First, I’d like to introduce our line of economic experts.

Micro, Macro, Metrics
You already met StatsFish

MacroCat has this to share:
Stimulus package: I ate it

My adviser doesn’t like lolcats. He must be a dog person.

We did actually spend it this weekend on:

* track mounted lights over futon–works great with the projector overhead
*replacement hiking shoes: today’s event convinced me of the need
* various odds and ends at REI (SO CROWDED)
* possibly membership in the local mountaineering club; if anyone knows if Lassen counts as a glaciated peak, lemme know 😉

I’m a terrible hiker. I need more beer.


Survey Incentive

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I thought I’d offer some entertainment in exchange for your precious few minutes. I’m sure some of these are familiar to most of you.

Taylor Mali on what teachers make


George Carlin on saving the planet

Fun with graphs and venn diagrams

Powerpoint presentations

I also made some lolcats.


And a taco for Ars. Economies of scale, y’know.