Small Pet Food Business

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Today I came across this blog entry about small pet food companies seeing a sudden surge in business.

This business is due to the largest pet food recall in history, affecting more than 100 brands. But most of you have probably heard about the melamine-tainted wheat gluten found in wet pet food already.

The point is, many very large pet food brands came from the same source and pet owners are trying to find unrelated sources of pet food. This has directed a lot of business to small and all-natural pet food companies, and I am sure that organic pet food companies are witnessing the boom as well. The original blog post explains that these small companies can alienate new and old customers alike if they cannot meet supply.

This is a very grim way to become concerned with pet food quality, and perhaps an unusual way to become a customer of organic food. I am personally content with my all-natural wheat-free cat food stocked by my local pet store.

By the way, several knowledgeable local pet food shopkeepers I’ve spoken to say that the cuts-in-gravy style pouch food is like fast food–appealing but generally not very healthy.

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