Economics Programs

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I get my master’s one week from today. And while I want to go out and make non-negative revenue for a while, something had been on my mind lately.

Who practices economics as a science?

What seems more often the case is that economists acquire data and ask questions about that data. It seems less common that an economist will have a question, design an experiment, gather the data, and test their hypothesis. I understand the inherent difficulties in economics, that in many cases, all you have is the one record of what had happened in the past. But I think there’s a big difference in a scientific approach and more of an engineering approach to the field.

I believe that different professors, and probably different programs, have different approaches. Which schools are more scientifically oriented? How can you tell?

And geez, why didn’t anyone tell me I should have learned C? No one warned me there was programming in economics!

Heck, I should find out who’s read Kuhn.

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