justastory: An epic path-dependent graduation

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I almost missed my graduation Saturday. Our car was stuck in the snow on a forest road off the side of Mt. Hood overnight somewhere around here. Check out street view!

Throughout a long night of straight digging, we had economics to entertain us.

While carbon-fiber kayak oars are completely inferior to snow shovels for shoveling snow, they’ll do in a pinch. They’re ridiculously tough. The thin blade edge is great for cutting into the snow, it’s just not so good at scooping water in a solid state. We did a lot of atrocious makeshift substitutions, but hey, it worked!

Supply and demand
Referencing Princess Bride, I said “If only we had a holocaust cloak” which led me to think about the contents of the car. We’d just gone to Costco and had a dozen rolls of paper towels… and no gloves. We started wrapping half a dozen sheets per hand, replacing them when they got too wet. Yes, I’m a terrible, terrible environmentalist, but I still have all my fingers.

After 12 hours of digging, we finally got free. I was late for the opening but had maybe 30 minutes of breathing room before they called the hood parade. I can tell you that I was much happier to be there than if nothing happened.

Don’t wander around the uninhabited bits of Oregon in “March” conditions the night before graduation.

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